Every year there are more than 23,000 infant deaths in the United States.

Although losing a child is always completely devastating, the Kirra Faith Foundation will be focusing it's resources on families who experience infant death from late term pregnancy up to one year of life.

Focused Support


As a new foundation, our strategies for specific monetary allocations and the application process for assistance are still under review by the board of directors. 

We appreciate your patience.  Please check back for updates.

Army of Angels Areas of Support

Memorial Services


Memorial services offer an opportunity for a family to honor their lost angel and provide a place for loved ones to gather and join in grief and support.  The Kirra Faith Foundation is committed to offering financial assistance to families that can be used toward the following:

  • Funeral or Memorial Service
  • Burial or Cremation Expenses
  • Grave Markers or Urns



Mothers-to-be often spend months nesting and preparing their homes in anticipation for the arrival of a new baby.  Returning home to a decorated nursery full of baby clothes can be devastating. The Kirra Faith Foundation is committed to helping facilitate professional organizing services to assist with the removal and storage of baby items.

Finding Support


There are many local and national resources devoted to helping families after the death of a baby.  It is critical that every member of the family find the unique support system that works for them.  The Kirra Faith Foundation is committed to connecting a bereaved family with different resources that can assist in the individual grieving process.

Celebrate the Date


Looming anniversary dates can be a reminder of a birthday celebration that will never happen.  The Kirra Faith Foundation is committed to helping families celebrate their baby's anniversary date in a unique way that will honor the memory of their angel.

Your contribution will allow us to reach more families in need.

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